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Tony Hardy

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Hi everyone,

I've been performing some SEO tasks on my website and linking my footers up on the forum.

I want my homepage to rank for Graphic Design Newcastle and Web Design Newcastle so I've linked them words in my signature to my home page. However, I also have individual pages for each of those "services" and would like them to rank too.

Is doing it the way I've done it the way you'd suggest? Or would you link the signature to services pages?

Also, in my footer of my site, I've added links to each term I want to rank for, and linked them all to my home page. Again, would these be better linked to services pages?

I really don't know. I want both pages to rank for both terms, is it 6 and 2 x 3s?

The pages you should be linking to are the ones you have optimised for the targetted keywords, if that's your homepage then link to that.

On your product pages try and mix up the text a bit in the H2, don't have it exactly the same as the H1 tag (I looked at your logo design page), also you could change the H3 to 'Latest Blog Posts about Logo Design' for example and adjust accordingly on each product page.
Yeah that's all in the works Boss. Just getting round to it. Can't get my head out of my homepage just yet. It's looking a bit spammy and I need to reduce the links a bit I think.