Sick Of Paying For Bad Logo's!


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I have been trying to get a logo for my business, but I can not find anyone to do a decent one.

I don't have a lot of money, and i guess that is my downfall - but does anyone know where I can get the logo i want BEFORE i have to pay?

I really can't afford another logo that is useless!

If anyone can help out that would be great.

thanks :)
Hi DevilQueen

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I think you have already established the problem, as in most situations in life if you pay peanuts then in 99% of cases you will not get a good result. It sounds as though you have already paid for a few that you have not been happy with, if you had saved up that money from the start then you may have had enough to pay a professional.

Your logo is a VERY important part of your business, before a potential customer even walks through your door your logo will give that customer an impression of who they are dealing with, it can make your company appear large, small, fun, serious, professional, un-professional!...the list goes on. Your logo is the starting point of your whole corporate image, the colours, typography and style of your logo will often dictate how the rest of your company’s literature will look. Hence, do not scrimp on logo design.

There are a few decent logo designers on here, what is your budget?

For a half decent logo you should budget at least £150 and even this is on the low side. Maybe somebody will be in touch with a proposition for you, fingers crossed.

2Dog posted an offer in the offers section and although I have never worked with him before others have been impressed, maybe have a chat?

Alternatively, if you can save some pennies then the following logo designers that I have worked with are highly recommended:

Mark > Logo Design - Logo Designer - Graphic Designer - Eagle Imagery

Amanda > Logo Design and Graphic Design Services

Col > Pixels Ink

Good Luck :icon_smile:
Damon is pretty much spot on. There is a lot of work that goes into a logo.

Research into your business, how does it compare to others in your field, what is the correct image. What you necessary like may not be what is right for your business, and its my job to get that right or you are just flushing valuable marketing budgets down the toilet.

Personally, my logo costs start at £175.00 and I think that's very competitive for the service I offer. I have lots of very happy clients who don't regret spending that little bit extra for a logo they are 100% satisfied with.

I have some logos on my folio on my temporary web holding page if you want to have a look. Its a bit dated now and I have about a years worth of work to update it with, I just can't find the time!!!

Get in touch if you want to discuss anything.

It would be good if you could post the logos you've had designed so far so we can give feedback.

It would be good if you could post the logos you've had designed so far so we can give feedback.

Good idea, show us the logos, it may be that they only need a tweak here and there to make them look better, or, they may be as bad as you say! Either way you get some professional opinions FREE of charge :icon_smile: