Short Courses London


Hi there I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend some good courses
I'm now at the stage where I'm happy with all the freelance work I get get and think it maybe be time in the new year to ad a few extra things to my abilities sooo...

Would anyone be able to recommend a good short course on typography. Something creative but also maybe dabbling in font designing software too.

And I would also like to start to do more digital work, so maybe a longer course but something to give me a basic understanding of web design. I have built front end design in photoshop etc and handed it over to be built but I don't have full understanding of what you can and can't do with regards to this so it think maybe this would be helpful and make my work better.

Thanks in advance and hope it makes sense trying to write it on my tiny iPhone screen :)
Central St Martins do a short typography course that I've been trying to get in my diary for a while, but haven't yet been able to. Not sure if it would be a little too basic for someone already working in the field though.

Decoded do a learn code in a day course that sounds great and I've read amazing things about, but again, not sure it would go into enough depth for you.

Sorry, I don't know why I'm even replying, with such useless ideas!
I have had a look at a few one on one courses can anyone recommend a good tutor who might do this, for the digital stuff? I'm looking at the £600 for one day mark and its seems a lot but if it raises my day rate then it would be worth it.