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The question leads me to believe, you are not an experienced designer of any sort. Apologies if I am incorrect. If not, software alone will not make for a successful business. Most pros would likely use Illustrator to produce the graphics to go on apparel and merchandise. If you have no experience, I’d suggest collaborating with a designer. It is a very saturated market and there are a lot of people out there with no knowledge and experience who see it as an easy way to make a buck [deleted]

Most of them out there are pretty dire. The ones that stand out are the ones that are done by people who know what they are doing. If you do, then as I say apologies. If not, I’d suggest rethinking how you approach it all. Illustrator is the way to go, but it is really only a fraction of what you’ll need to succeed.

Good luck. Hope this helps.
yeah. I am new to this field.
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I agree with the sentiments here.

Not only software required, it's a back knowledge of printing methods.

Illustrator or any vector based software is the way to go.

I started out in the print business as a screen printer for clothing apparel and there's plenty of methods of printing.

Each method requires knowledge to prepare for print.

A designer doesn't necessarily need to know this. As each printing house typically has an art department to clean up supplied files to make it work for their printing methods.

But if you send in poorly executed design files it could end up costing you more to have the files fixed up, they certainly won't recreate them for free.

But it's completely up to you.

But I'd say it's best in the long run to work with a designer who has the knowledge.