SFTP Question (SecureFTP)


Good day all,

Up until now all my clients have always given me "FTP" details which as expected, work perfectly (providing host/username/password is correct of course).

Yesterday, for the first time - A client had passed me SFTP details, no big deal, I know how that's done. But for some reason I cannot connect to the clients SFTP server (Error reads - incorrect username or password) - Now, this could be the case (I'm awaiting from the client to confirm that they are the correct details).

I wanted to ask if anybody else has ever had issues accessing a SFTP server? I'm thinking that it could easily be an oversight on my part (a setting etc.) or I am hoping it is indeed a case of being given a mis spelled username/password (the error obviously suggests this but I have a feeling it could be something more sinister).

(For what it is worth - I am with Virgin Media and I have read stories that their "Superhub" can cause trouble when trying to access SFTP)

Any insights? suggestions?

thanks for reading.
try to add the port number in also, if you aint already tryed

Thanks for replying NUGFX,

It would turn out (annoyingly) that I was indeed given the wrong password. I suspected this but couldn't help thinking it could be something else as I'd never had to access a server via SFTP before and there was always a chance I wasn't doing something quite right.

ive had problems with sftp in past also but always add the port and that can fix it (unless u get a wrong password) ::p
ha! yeah, I was also worried because I'd read on Virgin Medias forum that people couldn't connect to SFTP because of the Superhub router.
Luckily this wasn't an issue for me, thank God!