SEO/Wordpress Wiz required

Hi guys, web design and coding really isn't a forte of mine so I'm looking to outsource some improvements to my website. Would you be able to quote me on the below please.

I'm looking for someone to work on and improve the speed of loading and to update and improve the SEO.

You can view the website here: Fries With That | Daniel Blackman - it's currently still being updated piece by piece.

As I understand I have lots of scripts running as there's lots of META info missing resulting in an extremely slow site. There's just one plugin currently installed so I don't believe it's necessarily down to this.

I'm prepared to pay the going rate for web/seo specialists. Could you also let me know how long it should be expected to take.

If anyone is interested please PM or Email me. I appreciate I'm not really sure of the problems with the site so all help would be great.