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Since I joined the team at and taken over the SEO strategy our site has seen a 20% increase in traffic and has moved up 4 places in our chosen keyword search "logo design" which leaves us slap bang in the middle of the first page.
This leaves me thinking, what exactly were we paying the SEO company for?
Aside from their "database of approved links" and keyword management techniques this has only left us clinging to a spot just above the second google search page.

When you consider that the website was #2 in googleUK search for "logo design" 4 years ago and that several times in those 4 years we have seen a drop below page 2 - in 2 weeks I have only submitted our site to numerous web directories (all of which are closely related to "logo design" "web business" etc.) it seems that my efforts are hardly worth the sums of money that we were paying out to "get our site to no.1"

So this is just an idea as I am relatively inexperienced on the subject, but I have recently set up a profile page on social networking sites such as "LinkedIN", "Facebook" and "Twitter" and made the links between the 3 easy to find on each of them.
Regularly making new connections and blogging/tweeting will all give you returning traffic hence having a bigger presence over your competition.

I know it's not easy to say what has given us this boost as google is a strange mistress to say the least, but I'd like to know if you have had any luck doing any of the above or something else that I may not have taken into account.

I will spend the next couple of weeks refining our site as far as page titles and alt tags go, see what happens and report back but in the mean time I'd love to hear how you guys go about maintaining your search engine presence :icon_thumbup:
update: have moved up another two place in googleUK search for "logo design" :icon_lol:

This is through more relevent one way linking through directory's like freeindex and so on.

So this has left us in 4th position from the top of the page!! :icon_cheers:
Hi Logopro

Just a quick introduction, I'm Jon, I'm from just outside of Cardiff, I've got around 5 years hands on experience in SEO. I've gained many #1 positions in competitive areas for national terms, so I feel as though I may be able to offer an opinion.

Can I ask what strategy you have in place at the moment other than submitting to online directories? I (and many others will also verify) that unless the directory is a "quality" one, your likely to only receive a temporary boost from them, so I wouldn't put all my eggs in that basket.

I've had a quick scan at the links pointing to your site and I think this could be improved quite easily, I'd suggest you aim for relevancy over quantity - have you considered providing content for design blogs etc? That would be a great way of building your "quality" links up.

I look forward to your reply
Hi LogoPro

Interesting Post, Very interesting to hear how little improvements you have made have had a great result.

The apparent lack of relevant ongoing work by SEO "Experts" is what holds me back from ever getting involved with them. £##** quid per month and you did exactly what!?

I'm eager to look at this closely so my own sites natural results improve. (Currently 12 ..... for given search term)

Keep us all updated.
Hi Jon!

Thanks for the interest!

The strategy for the moment is the links.
First I was hoping to get a quick boost in search listings so we can get some imediate work, but obviously I too have analized our back links and can see that some work is required - There are far too many pages with little to no rank at all let alone whether or not they are relevant in any way to our product (this is what I meant in my first post - "...from their "database of approved links" and keyword management...")

Once I feel a little happier about that I will be looking at either gaining some close ties with blog networks or (if I have the time) I will try to promote my own graphic design blog and hopefully get some nice content down on the page for a more regular visitor base and some nice inbound links from other graphic design communities.

I'd be really interested in hearing what you have to say about the existing content on our site because people keep mentioning things like keyword density and the like and I'm unsure what effect I'm after as far as editing what I already have.
Would it be better to start from scratch?

Also, while I'm after some words of wisdom, I was wondering what your views are on PPC advertising.
I am currently analyzing our inbound traffic on many different keywords and am starting to see keywords that would be perfect for a bit of PPC providing the cost wasn't too high per click, but would it be worth it? as it's not contributing at all to googles organic search index I know not to rely on it but surely if you can find THE keyword that brings in the customers then it wouldn't hurt to have some in place untill you can rely on being in the top 10 search listings for all your chosen keywords?

A new website design with a more modern look is in the pipeline and I will be looking at developing that alongside promoting our existing site.
I feel that our current site is too outdated and is increasing the visitor bounce rate while harming our conversion rate quite considerably.
The funny thing is is that our site at the moment hasn't had a re-skin since about 2000 so it's amazing it's done this well at all over the last couple of years!

Very interested in what people have got to say on this paticular matter ^ ^ as I'm working on the theme of the site as I write this :D

so exciting stuff!! :)
Good to see that you are considering the content factor, personally I would almost be inclined to suggest that you look to create quality/linkable posts on your blog purley to attract inbound links, whilst also getting content published on others for the same sake. Reason being your trying to sell a service, try not to stay away from that too much.

Ignore keyword density speak - I'd suggest having a look at your page content and use a traffic estimator tool though, some re-working of page titles & wording may increase rankings & traffic.

PPC can get very expensive and fast - I personally wouldn't do it with your current website which is why I'm kinda glad you mentoined the look of your site, as you say it looks very outdated, almost to the point where it may be a bit detrimental to the amount of orders that yoy could be receiving. I'd suggest that if you are making a new design, do so with "conversions" in mind, i.e make it clear what you want people to do on each page, such as sending you an e-mail enquiry etc.

Maybe if your struggling a little with the design / call to action factors I could suggest a design company or two that you could have a chat with, obviously logo design is one thing, web design (especially with conversions in mind) is a completley different animal.

I hope this advice was of some use?
I'm actually a web developer by trade (SEO is a new departure) so building the thing isn't a problem, we've got a very nice draft ready and waiting for me to work with.
I agree with what your saying about the effect our current look is having on our sales as I to have been pushing my partner to update it for the past 3-4 weeks.

Thanks for giving me this useful information!
I will report back when we have done some more work on the site! :)