SEO - Inhouse or Outsource


Hi all,

Just wondered how you guys handle your SEO services. I am a one man band already having to design my websites, logos and manage my social media etc. I do carry out the basics of SEO but I am considering taking on an SEO company to handle it? Is this a good idea? Reason I ask is because they normally provide web design services too and that would make me their competition.

The companies that I have contacted have still been happy to help but I just wonder if its a good move because they may not have the best interest for my business. There is one particular company that I am interested in using because they are on page 1 of google for relevant key words but they also offer web design services.

I'd also like to hear what others think about SEO in general as I sometimes wonder that the fuss is all about with it. After all there is only space for 10 companies on page 1 of Google (not including the paid adverts) and there are thousands of web design companies in London alone, let alone the whole world. Therefore even if all web design companies in London used the best SEO services available how could we all get on page 1, hmmmmm. Would be grateful for any feedback :crazy:
Thanks for responding RDB.

I actually found a company that can do SEO and they require £200 per month for the key words that I want. Payment is only due when I am on page one of Google which I think is quite fair. My concern is whether they would really look after me as I am literally in the same field as they are but they are a bigger company than I am.

Do you do your SEO yourself? And would you know the best resource to turn to if I want to study it?

Thanking you for taking time out to respond :icon_hug:
I think what I would do in your situation is half do it yourself and half outsource it but not to a larger competitor.
At a high level, you probably know roughly what needs to be done i.e. create really good content on and off site around keywords that attract buyer traffic. I'd suggest you map out a set of bite size goals in terms of creating that content and pay freelancers to do the work for you. You do the monitoring and adjust strategy.

As you operate in the digital sector this will also develop a key skillset for you too.
Thanks Edge,

That is helpful feedback as it is a skillset that is valued at the moment. I do do some of it myself but find it quite time consuming, leaving less time for creativity and designing. Maybe I need an SEO partner. How do you handle your own SEO?

Thanks for your time :icon_notworthy: