Sense Creative not playing ball. Advice Please.


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Hello, I'm new to the forum world and I've come here for a bit of advice about an online printer called Sense Creative. I'm trying to get a refund for some printing that was verrrryyyyy late and was returned to sender by my client, who missed the event the printing was for. I've had to refund my client and I'm now out of pocket by a substantial amount of money, but Sense don't seem to be bothered.

I'm relatively new to freelancing and I really need some advice as to where I stand from someone who's had similar issues.

Cheers :icon_smile:
Sense Creative are an interesting company to deal with. They have invested in some really top end digital equipment and can produce some great stuff but they're notoriously bad at accepting responsibility when things go wrong. That being said, I've used them a few times over recent years and have had a great experience.

If you search for Sense Creative on this forum you'll find story after story from customers who have had bad experiences with the company.

My outlook on it is if something goes wrong can I afford to reprint elsewhere in time for the deadline and write off the money? If the answer is no, I go elsewhere to start with.
If it was for an event and they missed the delivery deadline then they should absorb the cost. If everything was delivered in a timely manner and you were promised delivery at a certain date.

Print off all your emails and make duplicates.

Send 1 set to them requesting full refund and include a letter detailing you've sent this to your solicitor, with the duplicate set, send it to a solicitor outlining the issue.

If they still refuse to pay - then take them to the small claims courts.
I paid for the print on behalf of my client.

I wish I would have visited these forums or at least read some reviews before I started using them. They were recommended by a friend and had a professional looking website so I thought they'd be decent and to be fair on them up until now I've had no major issues with the company.

Thanks for the help guys.