Senior Designer? Me? Surely not!?...


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Ive tweaked my CV (by tweaked I mean scrapped and re-designed) and written myself a really good covering letter then emailed it to a handful of creative agencies and a few recruiters. Within 10 mins I had a phone call asking if Id be interested in applying for a Senior Design position?.. 5 mins later I had another call from a completely different agency asking if Id like to apply for the very same Senior Design position.

I assumed the first agency had it wrong and I'd never hear anything else but when I questioned it with the second agency, they confirmed that my CV and experience meets almost all of the employers requirements!?

I don't really understand whats going on? Ive been for job interviews in the past where they've advertised for a junior but really wanted a mid weight but never the other way round! Assuming I do indeed get an interview should I go into this cautiously or should I swat up and try to hit the ground running?

literally as I type this, Ive just had ANOTHER call from another agency for this same role again!! :icon_eek:
Ello! What is your experience? How long have you worked in the industry, and how big is the company offering the job?
3 years since I graduated. been working in print & design for print for nearly 8 years. company employs 100 people.

Going on that I have nowhere near enough experience to be a proper senior designer (and I know it)! These agencies are all very sure I am right for the job which is the really confusing bit.

Although, I'd agreed to go with one agency and spoke to them yesterday, they said they'd sort the bits out and check they'd got everything then call me back in half an hour... Theyve still not called!

Not raining on your parade or doubting your skills etc. and as I'm sure you know recruitment agencies make their money from the companies that ask them to recruit on their behalf. So they may be 'pushing' you into a position that may be slightly/way above you just on the off-chance the employer 'bites' and takes you on - they then earn their fee without too much effort!

Of course they may feel you are a strong candidate and that the employer's description of 'senior role' isn't as high powered as other 'senior' roles and that they have found a good match in you! :)

Either way, go for the interviews that they line up. If they have mismatched you then it's their problem not yours and you have at least the chance of getting the job and all else fails, you've had more interview practice!
Ive just phoned and the recruiter said she was sorry for not getting back me, she'd been really busy, blagh blagh blagh... Shes submitted my work & CV and will give me a bell as soon as she hears anything.

pcbranding, I agree completely, I think I could do the job but I dont think the company will think that. I dont expect to get an interview but if I do great! And I've always been really good at selling myself in an interview situation so who knows...

I dont know if it has any bearing on my chances but apparently her agency has found a few people for this company and she knows the design directors quite well...

Rwilliams21, if you google 'creative recruitment leeds' , 'creative recruitment York' & 'creative recruitment hull' you'll get a fairly comprehensive list of the recruitment agencies Ive sent my CV to. :icon_wink:

In all honesty, Ive found creativepool really useful and just apply through there. that sends your details on to the recruitment agents who are dealing with that job and they do the leg work in contacting you. biggest PITA is getting your CV down to under 200kb to upload!