Sending thank you note?


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Hi everyone!
I'm an American permanently settled in the U.K. and just had an interview. What is the custom for sending thank you's following an interview? In the U.S. it's custom to send a thank you letter, but I've been told in the U.K. this just isn't done.

However, in the design field it's my understanding that it's customary to send self-promos at times. I was thinking of sending a thank you card (with my design on it) with just a short note of thanks. Nothing too time consuming to read, not too pushy American but wanted to be more memorable and make the gesture.

I am worried I may have completely screwed this interview up, though, I just showed them my portfolio that is on my website, I haven't used a print portfolio (or done interviews) in a very long time, been trying to get off the freelance merry go round and my book is gunked up and back in the states. I feel very stupid, should have known better, but they really like my work so who knows.

So, yes to a thank you card? And is all hope lost because I went digital? (If nothing else now I know to get to the store and buy another book...)
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I know a lot of people find a quick email is sufficient, just a quick 'thanks for your time' sort of thing.

A card is a nice touch but could be seen as a bit over the top (or desperate). Plus, as it's posted it's probably just going to end up in a pile on someone's desk (possibly not even the person who interviewed you) who will open it at a later time as our postal service can shut down in the event of a freak snow storm or postal strike.
I might just have to nix it then, I don't have the direct email address of the person who interviewed me, just the agency email. Should I send one to the general inquiries email, or just scrap it? If I did some searching I might find it but tracking him down (for example, on linkedin) and sending something might also look weird.

Does it look bad in the UK to not send a thank you email at all?
I think it's good manners to send a thank you email.

I would make the effort to try and track down your interviewer's personal email as it'll show a bit of initiative.
Make sure you sound upbeat - 'look forward to the next meeting' - 'all I've heard convinces me more' etc.

A good interviewer will analyse the language used in your communication - for any additional info.
I would be worried that a 'Thank you for your time' email would suggest that you don't believe youre going to get the job
It all depends on what you say...

An upbeat email saying that 'it was great to meet you and I look forward to hearing from you soon etc ' is fine.
There's no defined etiquette around this sort of thing so you're taking a punt on the likely response of the individual you're contacting: some will think it's polite, others will see it as crawling/hassling/whatever. Also, sending a thank you note won't swing things either way in terms of your success at interview.
I agree, how it is received is highly dependent on the personality of the interviewer, but either way I don't think it will have any impact on whether you get the job.
I actually did not send the thank you. Normally in the states they do it by post but since that isn't done often here and I never received his email directly at the time, I decided to play it safe because it might have seemed a bit weird to seek him out, but would have sent something if he had given me a business card or had received a direct email prior. I guess in the end, chances are if the interview is good enough then the rest takes care of itself! Though I do still like the idea of a courtesy email if the circumstances allow it. (I like sending them too but that's just my Yank self.) :)