Selling your artwork / illustrations

Anyone had much experience of selling illustrations etc. I studied Illustration at uni, my main bread and butter now is graphic design. I do a lot of artwork for music types, flyers, CDs, record sleeves etc but am looking to get some work into magazines.

What are the best channels people have found for doing this. I know there are agencies etc but wondered which were th best to start contacting

Richard Lock - Devolution Designs - Artwork For Sale

Hi Richard

I too do a lot of graphic design as paid work, but also have a sideline in illustration stuff. I used to be with an illustration agency, and I would definately recommend going down that route. Although I only had 2 commissions from them in 18 months, one was for one of the biggest high street banks, and the other for a well know toy manufacturer. Agencies tend to get you work (and money) that you'd struggle to get on your own. If it's magazines you're talking about, i'd imagine 99% go through an agency to find an illustrator.

Hope that helps - good luck with it!

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