Selling trash


For my minor project in Uni Im going to create packaging for selling trash. I thought it would be quirky and different but I noticed someone is already doing it and a few people in my class have already seen this guys work. He does it really well and I want to take it in a different direction than what he's done so the comparisons wont be as bad. Heres his site:

New York City Garbage by Justin Gignac -- Thank You for Littering.â„¢

Any ideas of where I could take this idea, or should I scrap it altogether? My other ideas were:

Advertising a holiday to heaven to visit a passed loved one
A book showing, in a cool graphic design way with nice type and images, the 7 days of earths creation
Ad campaign against the BP oil spill

Im not religious in anyway, somehow I just thought of the first two randomly. I have an idea however that I would love to do that could possibly include packaging and an ad campaign. I love old vinyl records and its a shame mp3's are killing them now and I would love to do something to promote vinyl records and try and get them back into the spotlight. I'd love to create vinyl records covers as Ive done this before and really enjoyed it. Can you guys think of what I could do for something like this?

Thanks for any help guys!!
I think you should drop the trash selling idea - as you said, it's already been done really well.

I like your vinyl idea - a campaign to get people buying it again. Why is it better than an mp3?
Why is it better than an mp3?


Can you make a handbag out of an old mp3?

I think not.
Hey guys, Thanks for replying. Ive spoken to my lecturers and because Im not really happy doing something thats already being done Ive slightly changed the prospect. The guy selling NYC trash is more of a fine art type of thing, my packaging would be massed produced and the packaging would be much more interesting. I am now changing it from trash to ephemera, filling the package with "cleaner" mementos of a city like plane, train and bus tickets, Maps, local sweet/chocolate/gum wrappers resteraunt menu, maybe mock photos with a print on sticker sheet (so you can print a picture of yourself and stick it onto the photo). Maybe even a vial of fragrance "Eau de New York" (have you seen/eaten those American cheesburger crisps? they smell just like a Big Mac). The idea came from the fact that I and many others like holding on to certain things after travelling, I have little things like Tokyo train tickets and receipts in my wallet. I could could call it "World in a Bag" or "Holiday in a Bag" or something far better..... Imagine if you were dropping someone off at the airport and you could buy them from vending machines there!!

I think this is different to what others are doing in the class. So I ask you professionals out there, what can I name this? any packaging ideas/influences? do I make the packaging unique to each city? (im thinking of doing Tokyo, New York and Vegas). Also Im not sure if these packages will seem enough, is there anything else I could design to go with them?

Any help would be great as Im stressing big time haha.

Thanks guys!
Why would people buy other people's train tickets etc? It's all about your own personal ephemera and what it means to you. Maybe there's a way of packaging that for people?

But I stil think you should drop the whole thing and do something different. Doesn't seem that different to the trash idea really - it's like you don't want to let go so you've altered it a bit to try and hold on to the idea. Never be afraid to start again.
I know, I feel the exact same way but unfortunately our time table has messed up and we now only have 4 weeks instead of 8 to do this in and we've been told to stick with what they've chosen out of our ideas. I dont know why people would buy these things, although a few people in the class have been excited about it.

My head is in the shed tbh
Trash Cache?
Trek Dreck?
Jet Lag in a Wet Bag (Just add water)?
Where have you bin?
Hoard from Abroad?
Planes, trains and all that remains?
My mom went on holiday and all I got was her frickin' recycling?

You get the idea...
Great names Dave L, thanks alot!!

Iim designing the packaging and ephemera for New York, Vegas and Tokyo. Any idea how I could package the ephemera and have it reflect that particular city? for example, I was thinking of putting the ephemera from NY in a hotdog or donut box or even a spray paint can..
How do you think I can packaging things from america? I know graphic design in Japan is totally different to the west, they arent afraid to use too much colour but are there trends that are very american in packaging design?