Self Promotion

Been browsing the forums silently so far, and have come across some really good work and advice. But now I finally have something worthwhile to post myself! So...

What is in your self promotion tool kit? by that i mean what kinds of marketing materials do you use to promote your work and services? I'm guessing business cards and a website are pretty standard.

But do you use anything else like flyers or info packs etc? Or just direct prospective clients to your website?

I'm a new freelancer trying to prepare myself as best I can for the millions of network events I plan on going to in the future! So any advice is welcome and appreciated!

As you have suggested I expect most will have business cards or possibly flyers directing potential customers to their online portfolio. Business Cards are ideal for networking events, however, most people will be doing exactly the same so maybe think of something else that will stand out and possibly be of use, hows about <shamelessplug>drinks coasters</shamelessplug>, or similar. :icon_smile:
It used to be that quirky devices made you stand out. I designed a cv once, a plug socket made of card, die cut with the strap line For More got excellent comments but no work.

Nowadays it's your actual work that people look at. People are very difficult to impress in this day and age. Experience goes a very long way as well. My advice is create the very best designs that you possibly can and then try to improve them.


Thanks Greg, I think you've hit the nail on the head. I've thought often about trying to do something quirky, but it really doesn't suit my design or target the types of clients I'm after.

I think I may just go armed with a big stack of business cards and a portable well presented portfolio. How I do my portfolio is a whole other thread! But I think quality not quantity is definately the key.