Self assesment accounting and loans?


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Hi all.

Hoping someone can offer some advice regarding my accounts..

I have a dedicated personal bank account for the income from my freelance work, a few months ago I borrowed a lump sum from my parents to put towards a new macbook pro which went into my 'business' account and subsequently the machine was purchased from the same account that day... So £800 came in and £1200 went out the same day. I'm now about to pay the loan back to my parents but I'm not sure how to deal with these transactions on my accounts?..

1) How to I explain the loan going into my account without it being a taxable income?
2) How do I deal with the laptop as a capital expense?
3) How do I explain the repayment of the loan without it being taxable drawings?
Caveat: not an accountant (I have an accountant for that).

Can you not just 'merge' these numbers? In the final analysis, you've spent 1200 on a Mac and that's the combined amount expenditure; the fact that you had an interest free loan from a third party is basically irrelevant as the £800 in and out again to your folks is just a portion of the £1200 you spent. I've had similarly annotated entries in my (limited company) books and my accountant's always fine with it, taking the view that, so long as you're not diddling the taxman, he's not really interested.