Seeking Constructive Feedback on Our Website Design


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Hello dear community,

I hope you're all doing well. My name is Edwin and I'm part of the team at Solcial. We've recently revamped our website and are eager to gather some feedback from the design community, particularly from professionals and enthusiasts like all of you here.

Website URL: Soclial is a web3 social network built on the blockchain so the login process differs from traditional social networks as we do not ask for email. phone and other personal data to create account. All you need is to make a wallet directly on the website or use a solana wallet if you have one. Also, you do not need funds if you are going to read content, follow people, share your content and other activity. Only if you are going to trade or buy user tokens you will need some funds.

Specifically, we're looking for feedback on:

  1. Overall Aesthetics: Does the design feel modern and engaging?
  2. Usability & Navigation: Is the site user-friendly? Are there any elements that feel out of place or confusing?
  3. Typography & Color Choices: Do the fonts and color schemes work well together and fit our brand?
  4. Any Technical Glitches: Broken links, unoptimized images, or any other technical issues.
We genuinely value the insights and critiques from this community and believe that your feedback can make a significant difference in enhancing our website's design and functionality. Please be candid with your feedback; every constructive criticism will help us grow and refine our design.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help us out. We truly appreciate it!

P.S. Attaching some screenshots 1697184008303.png1697184032288.png1697184076204.png1697184098777.png1697184122788.png