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Hello everyone, I have come to this forum looking for advice, hopefully someone can help me out! I might ramble a bit so apologies in advance!

Basically I have a few questions. Firstly, do you think it's possible to become a graphics designer without having done a degree?

I originally went to uni to do Digital Arts (back then it was my goal to become a graphics designer) but I changed course after my first year due to various reasons, including that I pretty much hated the course (too much programming etc). Anyway I had a complete change of direction (and course) and other than some design work I did for a local promotion company in my second year, I eventually lost interest.

However recently I've been considering getting back into it, it all came about when I saw a job advertisement for a trainee graphics designer/mac operator. I remembered how much I enjoyed doing it and since then I've been constantly thinking about whether I could pursue it after all.

However, I don't have a degree in anything related to graphics design, and I can't afford to go back to university. I'm also wondering if I'm too old now to start in graphics design (I'm 24)?

Basically I feel like I have wasted a lot of time trying to pursue a career path which isn't working for me, instead of doing something I enjoy. Is it possible still? What are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance! :icon_smile:
The simple answer is yes it is possible.

I wouldn't worry about not doing anything design related at university. Whilst I was at university I did a work placement with an agency in Bristol. The guy who started it and still runs it didn't do an art or design related course at college, let alone university. He just liked to draw and now earns 100k a year. He actually did a college course in mechanics.

Going to university doesn't automatically mean you're ensured or even entitled to a job in the design industry anyway. I know many people who have completed a graphic design degree, and have been unable to find a design related job, and instead settled for jobs in Asda. The design industry is a pretty tricky one to get into, successfully anyway. There is so much competition out there, some good but most bad, that you really do have to work hard, whether you have a degree in it or not.

Take a read through this thread, some good advice in there.

Good luck.