Seeking a print shop that produces really sharp/crisp detail


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As title. The job I'm doing is extremely critical of accurate detail (computer generated geometric line-art in 3200dpi raster format for an alternative currency/banknote print design)

I understand 'real' banknotes use specialist printing techniques but due to budget and scale of the project it's almost certainly going to be limited to standard methods - either digital or lithographic offset, most likely offset.

I've got a variety of offset printed materials here - labels, packaging, DVD covers etc, and it's really clear how dramatically the quality differs from one to another. Some are definitely good enough, others definitely not, I don't want to take a risk :) it needs to be sharper than sharp. I'm looking at some flyer designs I had done professionally before and they're definitely not up to spec.

Thanks for any recommendations or leads that you can offer on this.

Whatever you do make sure you ask the printer what their maximum LPI is and if they don't know don't go with them.

If they can output at 200 LPI or higher, then definitely consider them.

Most printers will print a sample of the artwork you supply on the stock you require.

Just ask.

Good luck.