Securing Extra Work


At the moment I do my freelance work part-time around other commitments but, in a week or so, I'm going to have around 15-17 weeks where I can commit to it pretty much full-time.

Because of this I want to give it a proper go and really try and get hold of a lot of new work and run everything as properly and organised as I can, but what would everyone say is the best way of trying to go about this?

I'm open to anything really, whether it be phoning around local businesses of all trades, phoning printers and agencies for surplus work etc, anything!

Quite often I spend a bit of spare time dropping round e-mails when I can but the response to this isn't always so great.

One idea I did have would be to try and put together a small booklet/leaflet type piece to post around as opposed to just a flyer - could this be a good idea? What sort of information and portfolio work would people look to include in a small leaflet?

Perhaps even post it with a letter and then follow this up with a phone call a couple of days later to see if there's chance of a meeting or something like that?

Look forward to hearing what people think and thanks in advance! :icon_smile: