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Hello again mates. As I said in my welcome post I am only 20 days in UK searching for job. My background experience contains mostly Packaging Design. I have applied in 120 vacancies already BUT no answer yet. I have to say also that despite my 9 years experience I am applying for Junior positions because i have to make a new start here in UK! So, I ll paste a link here with a small presentation of my CV and work samples. Happy to hear from anyone! Mostly I want hard critisism from you and no good words! I want you to show me the bad things and not the good ones. Thank you for your consideration and your time!
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(sorry for my bad english)
Dont really have any bad words. Apart from prezi wouldnt be my choice for showcasing. Get a behance pro site or something. All the work is stellar
Ah my fault I misread it. Was going to say, an 11 year old designer, you'd be a prodigy!

Good look with the search.
I second the opinion of switching to something like Behance. Make it easy for people to be able to look through your work as and when they want. I found it very annoying having to go through a presentation to view your work. This way you can categorise it to appeal to industry people who are looking for specific skills.
Hello Michael and good luck...
I am discouraged at the moment... I am looking for work and I find it very hard. As I read here, 200 applications for one job??? What is going on? Why so many applicants? All of a sudden the number of jobs dropped or the number of graphic designers increased?
I have over 300 applications myself, over 5 months since I started looking for another job.
Now I am thinking of quitting graphic design and try something else. I mean, with all the knowledge required, and the experience and the responsibilities I find it is underpaid and other jobs are easier to get into and also better paid. It's pitty for all the years spent in graphic design, all that experience...