Scribbles & Doodles - Illustration Work / Dot Design

dot design

Again.. a series of self initiated illustrations. Pen and paper doodles/drawings are scanned in and vectorised, parts of the drawings are then used, refined and coloured in Adobe Illustrator and worked into the typography. Drawing the shapes by hand rather than just drawing on the computer adds a more natural and organic feel, and keeping in the rough edges that drawing with pen and paper gives.

Feedback appreciated as always!

I really like these, I commented on one on your blog :))

It's a coincidence how I saw a similar effect used in an advert this week and tore it out to comment on it on my blog, and then I see you doing these, which are really wonderful and actually better than the advert I saw.

This idea of imagery behind text helped to inspire me and helped me finish a brochure design today.

I was struggling to think of a way of putting an image at the bottom of the brochure and now have the image encased in a shape as the shape 'background'. Not letters, but the shape of the clients brand icon and now it looks great and ready to present to the client.

Saw your post on my blog, thanks amanda. Glad it inspired you, its great that we can all help out and inspire each other here.

Cheers, gareth