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I posted a while ago that i was lookin for some work with press printing, which i havnt gone anymore into; but i have come to a conclusion of maybe starting up a business in screen printing.

I havnt gone anymore into press printing, due to financial issues, and the cost of materials. But with me now thinking about doin screen printing i can make my own screen press,and buy some cheapish equipment as a start off untill the money comes in hopefuly.

So can anyone advise me on any screen printing tips, or advise.

I would like to make my own print designs for tshirts, bags etc. then onto orders from customers.
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I have done a bit of t-shirt printing and think that screen printing is great but very competitive business and not that is great right now, t-shirt prices are increasing and there are not that many big jobs around. Good luck if you get into it... maybe join the t-shirt printing forum- you will get a very good impression of all the night mares and time wasters.
You'll find it very tough to get into screen printing and make a living. I tried with a mate a couple of years ago, we bought out a failed print business, shipped the equipment and stock to a warehouse in Hull docks and set about teaching ourselves, spending time with other printers and making contacts.

Creating a good quality screen is really not easy, If you bust a screen it costs a fortune to replace and the chemicals play havoc with your lungs (even through a full face gas mask), oh and not forgetting you have to work in the cold as everything you're working with is highly flammable so you cant have a heater.

Despite making some good contacts, we'd spend all day printing fire extinguisher labels and make about £20 each pre tax.
I may be wrong but I think the OP is a new graduate with no experience of the print industry...?...
Sound advice from everyone who has commented.

I just wanted to add another comment- check out screen printing prices before you start!

I mainly using cad cut machines to print small batches (12 stag do t-shirts etc)

If you get a fair order (100 t-shirt) you can always find your local screen printer and get each t-shirt printed for maybe £2-£3 a t-shirt (1 colour print example).... Do you really want to compete with that price when you can get someone else to do it- with experience and high-tech machinery. And who knows, if you build good relationship with a screen printer, you might start to get some sort of trade discount.

Good luck!
Hi, what experience in t-shirt designing have you got? Do you have any samples?

Thanks for all your comments.

If i have inserted the image correctly, thats is what i am working on as my first print, i am still creating the vector image. I am wanting to give the screen printing process a trial run to see how i get on.

What i would like to ask anybody if any of you know where i can get some good quality fabric inks? I am starting out so im not still sure what kind of mesh and emultions and so on i need on certain items of colour, so any advice or help will be very greatful =)


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