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I do GCSE art and design in school. I decided I will do Graphics Design in it. We just had our mock exam. My teacher is new to all of this so she didn't give me a graphics design exam paper, but an undendorse paper. However, I still wanted to do graphics design. One of the questions was on Viewpoints, where we had to choose a viewpoint and create an image from that. I decided my theme would be the Empire State Building/ New York City. Then from that I will create a flyer for a made up travel agency. This is my final piece (the flyer):


i am thinking of doing graphic design in college, uni and as a future job. Looking at my flyer, am i capable?? if not, any advice??
I think you have potential, the layout and overall look of the flyer isnt bad.

However i will give you some crit as to what i don't quite like about it. Remember don't take this personally, just advice on how to improve.

I don't really like the effects you used on the building image. It doesnt match the crisp clear background and font you've used so looks a little misplaced. If you maybe added a bit of a texture in the background but blended it in the building would fit in better. Or used some different styled fonts..?

Also i would try to add some effects to the fonts. I like the "New York" text, but maybe add some other colours apart from just white to the other text. Not all... just some for variation. Try some layer styles. Using the same colour over an image helps move the eye accross it... so use a few more colour but in moderation.

I think the idea and layout is good, so a good start. Just needs a few tweeks in my opinion.
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