Scathes VS Mockups?


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Hey community. I need your help.
I'm doing research for an article on how many designers and creatives can sketch these days. I've noticed that many rely heavily on Photoshop or other digital tools and wanted to find out more about this topic. I've created a short survey here: and would appreciate your feedback. It will take 5 min tops. Many thanks in advance.

Also keen to hear your thoughts, what you think works better for presenting creative ideas - scathes or mockups?



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I think your question is a bit too broad, surely it would depend on what the creative idea is, what design area you're working in and what stage of the design process is involved -
to me, a sketch stage is a preliminary stage and would come before a mock-up.


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scathes.... no idea what that is, going to assume that's supposed to be sketches or something.

You use the best tool for the job, it really is that simple.

I can't present a sketch of a 3D rendered image for my client to preview for example... same goes for photographers etc. Does that mean I can't draw, no it just means I used the best tool for the job when presenting to my client....
Before I get to the pc I actually have sketched layout, camera angle, lighting etc but the client doesn't see it. I'm not up there with someone like wardy, jimlad, hank etc (sorry if I missed you, first ones came to mind) who are more illustrative but that doesn't mean others don't use pen and paper still.