Saxoprint...Any reviews guys?

Right I am looking to roll off a few business cards, nothing fancy but I want a decent enough print that I am happy to hand out. Saxoprint seems to be doing some dirt cheap deals which obviously take my liking.

I know people say you get what you pay for but have any of you guys ever printed with them?

All I want to know is how is the stock, the turnaround and also is it true print or does it finish with lines and smudges?

Cheers guys!

Personally never heard of them, having had a quick look through there website it seems like there German based, probably similar to United Print, Print Carrier etc!

I see your Gloucester based, so are we :)

Drop me an email to [email protected] with what your after and i'll see what i can do for you.

If you want me to post you a sample pack, just let me know your address on the email and i'll get one in the post to you.


Usually if the price is dirt cheap then the service is usually pretty poor too, make sure your file is set up correctly otherwise it will go to print without being checked by the printer.

If you want guaranteed good service then there are plenty of printers on these forums, us included and you can order business cards online from our website Toppers Print and Design
I'll also chuck in a word for Stationery Direct and Minuteman Press (Bristol) as I've used them both before and had great service with both.
We use Saxo at work and they're very good. Don't rely on the it's cheap so it's not good saying. They're great. Request a free print sample booklet and take a look!