Saving for Web Help - Adobe Illustrator

In Illy Im using save for web and devices- GIF so that I can send my friend her logo with a transparent BG. But when I previewed it seems way more pixelated than I expected. Its a vector logo, is this normal? Can I do it any differently to achieve a higher quality image? Or maybe Im barking up the wrong tree completely!!

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I hate when people repeat the answer over and over again, but yeah, try a PNG24 with transparency checked and you should be sorted :icon_smile:
I don't see any more repetition of answers that don't have added information... like yours :icon_tongue_smilie:
I wasn't talking specifically about this thread. Sometimes you'll find a thread with 5 answers saying exactly the same thing (not so much on this forum though) :icon_smile:
Possibly, if it's really small you may get pixelation around the edges. Try it larger and see if that helps. Failing that, try uploading the image to the board and we'll take a look.
All sorted. Just increased the size of the vector. Thought it was already quite big but obviously just have no idea! Resized it to 2000px by 800px and its totally fine now. Thanks for the help guys!
Hi i had this similar problem.Found my own solution. Open your .ai file in Photoshop and then save the image as png or jpeg. Photoshop is good in this..