Save for web

Can anyone shed some light on how i can save a illustrator file for the web without loosing its quality, at present i am trying saving a s a jpeg but the quality of the vectors has gone.

To give you a heads up its a technical drawing i have been asked to draw for a client, so lots of single lines and measurements.

Cheers, Guys
If it's just black and white, try saving as a PNG and adjusting the number of colours until you get the result you want. This should also keep your file size down.
Hi Paul,

Thanks for that i have tried that approach and the image quality is still poor.

I have attached the 2 documents so you can see the difference.
1. Is the JPEG how the client wishes 700 x 467 pixels
2. This is the original ai document (A4).

Is this just down to the reduction in size?

Any help is much appreciated as this is getting a little tedious - i am off to get more coffee!!


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I wouldn't use the save for web option if quality is the issue.

To be safe i'd import the document into photoshop at the resolution and size that it needs to be used online.
Then save it as a Jpeg from there.