Saucy Devil - Logo ideas

I am designing a logo for a collegues costume company called Saucy Devil (a shop which specialises in adult fancy dress). So far I am playing with a concept that can be used in three ways. Using the S as a devils tail, and the D as a trident, I am combining them to create a simple little logo which references the demonic theme of the name. This first element can be used on its own, and would feature on signage and business cards (and probably as a wax seal or ink stamp). The second element is some elegent script style font which will contain the rest of the name (excluding the S and D), with finally the third element being a demon/demoness which clutches the trident and is the source of the tail.

The second idea is a inverted crucifix which uses the top of the trident as a U and a E, with the rest of the name fitting in the remainder of the cross. This idea I don't feel has as much legs, and is not as "fun" as the first idea I had. I also don't think (though a cleaner design) that he wants something that is to satanic.

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The first idea is a pretty obvious route to go down. If you decide to go down that route I'd make sure what you come up with is totally different than the stuff you could quite easily find on Google.
If it's been done to death already, and your outcomes don't look any different to what others have done, then yea.