Same font appearing differently on different macs


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Hey there,

I've got 4 macs all running CS3 & am having trouble getting the 'Today SB' font to appear the same on all 4.

The problem I'm getting is that on 2 of the macs when you view the font list in InDesign or Photoshop it has the Today family in the main drop down then the individual versions (light, medium, regular) as a sub menu off the main list. The other 2 macs have all the individual versions in the main list.

Doesn't sounds like a big problem but the issue is when a file is being worked on by more than one designer they get missing font messages when they open the file.

I was originally sharing the font through Suitcase Server & thought that might be causing the problem so I deleted it off the server, used Font Doctor & Onyx to clean up all cached fonts/files & deleted any other versions of that font on all macs & the server & just installed it directly onto each mac.

Still the same problem, so it can't be anything to do with the font software.

Has anyone had a similar problem or got any suggestions?