Sabon accented characters

Kid Charlemagne

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Hi -

I wonder if anyone out there knows whether there's a version or extension of Sabon that includes the character 'č', i.e. 'c' with a caron/haček. It seems absurd that all the versions of Sabon I've tracked down have only 'š' and 'ž', and I'm having to go round the houses in FrameMaker creating text boxes within text boxes to overprint a 'c' on the 's' while leaving the accent visible. Perhaps I'm missing an obvious and easier solution?

Have you tried the Opentype version? If it’s not on that then I don’t think you’ll find it.
Sabon Open Type

Thanks, David. I've tried Sabon LT, Sabon BQ, Sabon Expert BQ, Sabon LT Std, Sabon MT Std and Sabon Greek, all Open Type versions, but no show. It just seems odd that a relatively common European character should be missing.
I found it in Times New Roman but I’m guessing this is going to stand out like a sore thumb if you use this for your c's.

Can’t think off the top of my head what else is vaguely similar to Sabon.
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