Running 2 companies


Hi All,

I have a partner in my business which is a limited company. Things are getting a bit unfair with yours truly seemingly doing most of the work.

Do you think it's feasible to start another (sole trading) company on the side to test the waters for splitting the partnership, or is this just opening a big bag of hurt? I don't really know if I could take many of the customers and don't want to ask such a sensitive question. I was thinking of trying to get new ones.


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Risky, especially if he found out. Surely there is a clause as a company director not to poach customers should you leave? Personally I would try and sort things out...
I would have thought that it's perfectly acceptable to raise issues like this within a partnership arrangement - if you're carrying the load, make your case and renegotiate; it sounds like the worst outcome for you would be exactly what you're proposing anyway...
Agree with the others. Have the discussion about workloads with your partner. Starting another business sounds like a whole world of hurt.