Roller Banners


I know this is a little off the cuff & we are well at the end of exhibition season but surely we should be starting to plan for next years season as regards to all the marketing material for them & the signage for the events or am I just getting ahead of myself again?
Not meant as an ad at all i know I can do roller banners but I'm just highlighting the fact that we should really be looking at next years season - how many of us can honestly say we a re proactive about seasonal work?
Oh go on, please correct the spelling in your footer. Pedant's like me can't take it.

Wouldn't it be great if designers poked their customers into deciding what they'll be exhibiting with months to spare? I find that whilst many companies know where and when they're exhibiting, the commitment to what and how they're exhibiting is seldom made with much time to spare. Often the designer is stuck in the middle of that with little time to work and pressure from both sides. What do you think could be done to extend the time frames without expecting earlier decisions on content? (which I think is the kind of wish you'd need a genie to achieve!)
go on then I'll correct my spelling.

as regards getting designers to poke their customers I think just a friendly catch up is all it requires to find out what they think they will be exhibiting I dont think they all decide within 3 weeks of the exhibition oh lets go then but we need.. I reckon they know at least 2 month in advance