Risograph print concern


Hey guys, I'm getting a 16page zine printed a5, on newsprint, 30 copies. 2 colour risograph
I've found a company who I know are good in London who will do it for 90 - that's too much for me as I can't sell them for that much to get my money back
I've also found another company who will do it for 60,
when I let the first company know (because i really would prefer to work with them due to locality) they basically said, you get what you pay for.
Basically I know the whole, you cant get a decent logo designed for 20 quid blah blah blah. And I'm wondering if 60 quid for that print job is the equivalent of a 20 quid logo.
I really hope not though.
I think. It produces a lovely newsaper style finishes that rubs off. I'm not overly familiar with the process, i just know it's cheap. here's an eg. Ditto Blog
As this is digital just ask them to run a proof of one page to gauge quality and finish, or at least ask for samples of similar jobs, if all looks in order with the cheapest quote then go for it.
Some of the older Risograph machines don't hold solids very well. But if you're after a newspaper look...
Yeah its for a small run zine I'm doing so that feel is lovely. I'll let you know when you can pick one up ;)
Let me know how you get on with this. A friend and I are looking into Riso for a 'zine project so I'd be interested in seeing how they turn out :)
I was looking for something risograph/design related an stumbled across this post..... I'd recomend Footprint Workers Co-op - A printing co-operative for risograph/zine stuff as thats pretty much their specialty. not very local though i'm afraid . I expect your high costs are due to such a short run. Our local risograph takes a few sheets to get running cleanly (probably the holding solids someone referred to) and with only 30 copies there will be more waste to out-put and more man ours to out-put with the changing of the run between colours etc. good luck!