resolution and enlargement


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hi, just wondering if anyone can help me with how i calculate from an original image to a larger size and whether the original image is suitable for enlargement before it gets pixelated and or fuzzy? there a calculation thats widely used?
many thanks in advance for any help and or advice
I'm afraid that as soon as you enlarge a pixel based image you are, in effect, streching it out of its normal proportions and it will begin to look fuzzy almost straight away.

The only format that these rules do not apply to is vector's as they are based on mathmatical calculations, they scale with the numbers :icon_smile:
This is where you need to get in to the habit of creating things slightly higher resolution than you need it to be, because you can always scale down without losing resolution, but I'm afraid scaling up will always degrade your image with every percent it increases.

You can probably get away with scaling it up 30% before you really need to start worrying about the quality.

But like the poster above said, work on a bigger canvas, you can always scale down but you can't scale up!:)