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I am currently in the process of starting up a part-time freelance business to boost my income. I am a print based graphic designer, so will be concentrating on this side of things.

However, I have noticed online that some companies seem to be using sites such as Weebly to create websites for their clients. I think they have a "reseller" option. This basically means the designer pays a higher cost to use their technology for commercial purposes.

Has anybody come across this or does anybody use a reseller program for their business? As a designer with no coding skills, it would perhaps be something I would consider offering clients in the future.
Hi Davor

It's pretty common for web designers to use Reseller Hosting, as this way you can provide a whole solution to your clients (who needn't even know you're a reseller), and not have to deal with asking them to order web hosting and having to make sure it's appropriate and so forth.

We have a lot of web designers host with us, they tend to be our best clients as when they get new projects they'll get more hosting.

You don't actually need a reseller account. The key difference is that a reseller account works out more cost effective if you're going to be developing a lot of websites, as you're not paying on a per site basis. If you're just starting out you may be better of getting an inexpensive web hosting account, and using that to make a site for your client. As you grow, you can then later move those sites to a reseller account. Any decent web host wouldn't charge you again for that, just the difference.

Weebly to be honest is massively overpriced and inflexible. I'd probably recommend Wordpress if you're a novice. It's still easy to use, but looks a lot more professional and is better for SEO. There are a lot of free themes out there which are easy to modify, I'd recommend Weaver as one, although the default theme is good too. You shouldn't have much trouble dropping in your own logo design and graphic design if that's what you intend to do.

Otherwise most decent hosts will offer a good website builder. The key difference between a service like Weebly and a host that offers a site builder is that for the latter you have full control of the content and own it, so you can upload it wherever you like.

I hope I didn't overcomplicate things! If you've got any questions I'm happy to help :).

Good luck!
Hi Daniel,

Thank you for taking the time to reply in such detail. I had been contemplating using Wordpress, also I notice Wix are now providing HTML 5 support (although may be expensive compared to other options).

I will look into your suggestions further. I think it is definitely something I would like to offer clients in the future. Thanks again.