Requesting client contact information


Had a bit of a strange experience last week that is now making me question my practice of requesting new clients to fill in a New Client Form.

I did a pitch for a new business college that a UK businessman is opening up in Kuala Lumpur. The pitch was successful and we managed to hammer out all the negotiations. Just before sending out the contract, I sent the client a New Client Form asking for basic contact information in order to get the client set up on my studio management software. The form asks for: Name, Company, Position, Phone Number, Email Address, Address, Invoice Address (if different), whether they are a registered charity, and where they first heard about me.

I got a very snotty email back stating that I'm good but not that good and the project promptly came to a very sudden end.

Am I asking too much for clients to fill this form in?

I would have thought that was reasonable! You're not asking for anything personal - like their mother's maiden name...PIN number to their bank...Would suggest to me that they might have become dodgy. Get the contract signed first then, I suppose (with a clause that unless they fill in the form you don't do anything)
This is the one thing that I always forget to do. Always always forget to gather client contact details, normally just the email is enough.