Reproduction cards for vintage game


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Hello All, I have recently bought a game from ebay - its a really old Beatles board game called "Flip your Wig" however 3 of the game cards are missing . I wonder if you would be possible to get the cards reprinted to look like the orignals, ie. same colour and thickness of card and the typeface etc etc. I have the original of all three missing cards for an example but am not sure where I could go to get this work done and what I should expect to pay - is it something that will be really expensive? I live in London. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Jackie
It is certainly possible to get a laser print done onto card but getting a match to the surface of a playing card done in the 60s, let alone a match to the feel (thickness, construction etc) will be difficult. And are the cards round-cornered? .. be prepared to enjoy a trial-and-error challenge .. I'd suggest first step would be a visit to a near-by digital print bureau for a look at some boards and a feel for the reaction to your project. Best of luck.