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I did once on some links in from .edu sites etc...but not to my main domain, just some satellite sites with no links in. No opinion either way really, this also cost $5 so didn't even bother to see if there was any benefit long term....probably not!

Let us know how it goes.
Depends what you've asked them to do. Back links can look a bit 'spammy' if not done correctly and with care. If I were offering xxx back links for $5 I'd use some automated software, such as xRummer, to do the work. This might have a positive effect or it might do more harm than good if they are spamming forums and blogs in your name. :icon_hide:

Not saying it will happen, just keep an eye on it.

Apologies if I have misunderstood the service you have opted for. Some of the 'I'll promote your website to my 600 Facebook followers' look good.
Social bookmarking submission 200 sites Including Top 50 sites Like stmbleupon, digg, delious, reditt etc for $5

We have done alot of this stuff before butt it helps to stay on top of it and I just cant be arsed at the minute. If $5 does the job it £3 well spent - will keep you posted, unless I hit the big time, then I wont tell you a thing Ha Ha.

The backlink's Ive stayed clear off - done a few myself, but carefully and in context.
I'm maybe not as up on the SEO work as you are James -explain!

THis hole <<removed>> thing is a bit of an experiment, I was advised but a business colleague that he had a bit of success and I should give it a go. I figure that for $5 I will monitor my analytic's and see if any of them work.

I have spent a good few pounds on SEO over the last few years and a fair bit of time too. Lets see how I get on - if there are gains to be made I will report them. If I lose a few <<removed>>, so be it.
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