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In the future I want to set up business designing logos and have a name I would like to use. As far as I can see nobody else has registered this name so how do I go about registering it. Do I have to be set up in business already? There seems to be a lot of websites that offer this kind of registration service and I'm confused:icon_confused:

Do I even have to register it?

I'm a long way off starting a business but I don't want someone to pinch the name!
If you want to go limited you can register the name really easily.

Personally I just operate as a sole trader and haven't registered my business name, it does mean another business could operate under the same name (I think) but it doesn't bother me really (at this stage).
As Col mentioned, I wouldn't even look at registering the name at Companies House yet, just trade as a sole trader for now.

The most important thing to think about at this stage, especially as 99% of your work will come from online. Is the and .com domain name available of your chosen business name? If so, snap them both up now via...

If not, you may have to re-think your chosen business name.
Nice one Boss.

I meant to post about the domain names.

I have both the and .com of my business name and also a few variants on the spelling.
Thanks - I wasn't sure if sole traders had to register their name so glad I don't have to bother...

The domain name I wanted has gone but if I add "designs" on the end it's available so I will use that!:icon_smile:

Actually can I have your opinion on the name I have chosen? *** *** Designs (edited by Boss Hog, see below). The only problem is if I did things other than logos in the future but it's not something I plan on doing.
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Why not just *** Designs? (edited by Boss Hog, see below)

You might regret restricting yourself to just logos if jobs get thin on the ground. Its maybe better to just say you specialise in logo design but also do <insert things here>.

I know what it was like when I started out, and its a quicker way to building a folio and you'll learn a lot of new skills by broadening your list of services a little :icon_thumbup:
I removed the Domain Name from both of your posts as it would only have taken an unscrupulous person to see this post and buy it before you.

I agree with Col 100% with regards to a more generic name and I actually like the name consisting of word 2 and "designs", which is currently available :icon_smile:
Gonna have to be plural, "design" has gone.

Infact, you need to be very careful here, another LTD company is actually already trading in the UK under the singular of that domain offering the same services, they will be well within their rights to have you for passing off.

You need to think of something else I'm afraid.
Good point on editing out the name mate. I shoulda thunk about that :)

Pity there is already a company operating with the name :(

There is a company operating called Pixels and Ink which do pretty much what I do, but they are based in Canada.