Refusing to train full-timers


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Hi guys! I'm new to the forum! Just wanted to find out what your opinions are if you are a freelance designer and your client asked you to train one of their employees, would you do it or refuse?

I refused. With many years of industry experience, I felt that I couldn't let them exploit my skills in that way. If they wanted training then they should invest on a training course or employ a designer with formal training. As a freelance designer, I'm there to do work not train their employees.
I have trained a client - who had already bought Indesign - it did mean that at least the artwork was done properly. At the time I was running a print company anyway.
Like Minuteman says, I'd put in a quote - sounds like they're aiming to handle future work in-house anyway so it isn't like you're going to miss out on anything. It wouldn't come cheap though as I'd want time to design the training as well as deliver it.
Thanks for the advice, guys! They actually wanted the training included with the freelance rate thats why I refused. They did not mention any training when I took on the work. If they told me beforehand I would've asked for a premium rate. Some clients are so sneaky and try to take advantage where they can...
I'd do the training, several f**k ups later, they will really appreciate you and you don't need to include the important bits in the 'training'.