Refund issue with printer - advice please


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One of my main print suppliers offers white label dispatch, which is great for me as I place an order and goes direct to my customers, saving time and money.

One order recently was delivered to my customer and wasn't up to the quality. There was no artwork issue, and it was clearly a printing error. These were business cards, which were all white and finished with a gloss laminate. The issue was most of the cards had black ink marks all over them like a pen had burst in the box.

My suppliers condition is that the whole job is returned to them so they can investigate the print issue and then they can deceide if a reprint should be issued. I got a reprint and was issued directly to my customer again.

So my issue is, because of the white label dispatch my customer had to post the cards back to me (which i reimbursed them there psotage costs) and then I had to pay to post to my print supplier. I was told verbally over the phone that my postage costs would be refunded to reasonable cost. So me and my customers cost would be refunded which amounted to £15 approx. Two months on from the original order date I have still not had my £15 postage costs refunded.

So my questions is where do I stand with this as obviously its my supplier that has messed up and has caused me a loss due to me refunding my customers postage cost and all my own costs. Would like points of view if you are a print supplier and also if you buy print too, how would you feel and how would you deal with this? and where do I stand in terms of consumer rights?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
It's just £15, my advice would be to right it off, find a decent printer and move on, do you really want the stress and hassle of arguing over such a small amount of money? When they get in touch asking why you have not sent them any further orders (although they probably won't) just explain how they dealt with you when this problem arose. In the meantime give us a shout: Stationery Direct
how would you deal with this as a business in regards to white label dispatch? and would you refund me my customers postage cost to post the job to me?
how would you deal with this as a business in regards to white label dispatch? and would you refund me my customers postage cost to post the job to me?

Everything we send is plain cover as standard, we deliver to 1 UK mainland address free of charge only, this can be your address or your customers.
sorry you have misunderstood my question. what I mean is how would you deal with the printing issue? do you request the whole job to be sent pack for investigation and if so how would you deal with this if its white label dispatch as obviously I couldnt ask my customer to send straight to you then that defeats the purpose of the white label dispatch? thanks
Oh I see, we would have requested photos of the issue initially, if that showed the problem clearly and it was us that was at fault we would re-print the job. If this didn't identify the problem then we would just get the courier to collect the job plain cover for further investigation.
ok great, thats sounds like not much hassle for me or my customer. I wish this printer would do the same!!