Reflective logo

Trish B

New Member
Hi I am currently designing a new ID product and I want to find out if it is possible to have a logo that has reflective qualities, to be seen at night etc? The logo would then be printed on to a plastic ID wallet. Any advice/guidance gratefully received as I am a novice in graphic design.
Its the materials the logo is printed with and onto that makes it reflective rather than the design.

Speak to a signwriter about reflective sinage.
If its being printed onto a plastic then i guess the effect would be gloss like.
If you want something printed onto a paper stock then you are probably looking at having your product foiled.

We can certainly help you with that if you need us to quote.

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Yes, there are fluorescent Pantone inks which do this which might need to be backed with white if printing onto a clear plastic wallet.