Referencing Pantones

Tony Hardy

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Hey everyone,

I've done some digital print design with bleeds and things before, but nothing off a real press.

I was wondering how you go about referencing Pantone colours so the printer gets it all the way you intend? Do you split them up into layers and name the layers the appropriate Pantone? Assuming I'm sending a PDF obviously, the layers can then be split to view each colour individually?

Or is there a more appropriate way of doing this?

Send the printer the composite hi res pdf with crops and bleed. When he/she (lets not be sexist about this!) sends to plate it should split into the pantones. (If you have done it correctly!!) When you send your purchase order also specify the pantones. (eg. prints in PMS 117 & 284 on 200gsm silk)

When you make the pdf in Indesign check that the pantones are still spot colours in Ink Manager.

Hope this helps - done in a rush as I am just leaving work!