Record Label Design Needed

Bassbox Ben

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Hello people..

Me and another guy have a very small independent record label launching soon.. I say soon, the only thing holding us back at the moment is artwork!

We had a very experienced guy who was supposed to be doing something for us but I think he's overly busy at the moment and we really don't want to wait too much longer..

The most important thing we need is a logo and the label designs for the first release.. Also if possible myspace background and associated artwork..

It's a drum & bass label and the name is Audio Hostage so obviously we're looking for something more... erm... I hesitate to say "urban".. Well I'm sure you understand we aren't looking for calligraphy fonts and flowers.. The idea we came up with was a speaker that looks a little like a face thats been gagged (see attached pic).. I do like that dymo font btw..


This really doesn't need to be anything too amazing as we can always change it after the first couple of releases..

If you think you can help I don't expect you to actually start anything!! Just send me links to your current artwork and I will get back to whoever I think would be appropriate so as not to waste anyones time..

As for payment, just think how good this will look in your portfolio and we will tell everyone who did it so you'll doubtless get loads more work!! :icon_biggrin:


We where paying the other guy £50 so if that sounds reasonable please get back to me.. If it doesn't then I'll just have to keep working on it myself!! :icon_crying:

Many thanks for reading my waffle this far!