Recommended Packaging Printers


I’ve been asked to find out prices and so on for packaging for some skincare products we’re producing at my day job. It’s going to a very small run to start with of about 200 pieces. The products themselves are in smallish round pots approximately 50mm across and 60mm high.

We’re looking at something triangular in design, similar to the attached, and I wondered if we have any packaging printers on here or if anyone knows of someone who can be recommended?


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I do a lot of skincare/health & beauty packaging design and can probably recommend someone to you.
200 pieces isn't a lot, so is the client prepared for what may seem a hefty quote particularly as this will include the cutting form and all of the set up? 1000 minimum is the norm.

Call me and I'll see if I know someone appropriate.

Paul Cartwright
Thanks for the replies, I’ll have a chat with the boss to see what she wants to do. Last thing I heard the quantities of the product were under discussion.