Recommended Large Format Print Suppliers?


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Afternoon All,

Now I have picked up a number of really good print suppliers over the past 12 months (some suggested on this forum, so thanks for that!) but I seem to be lacking an affordable Large Format supplier. I have recently ordered some A0 large format posters for one of my customers, and ordered from a local printer which I have used for a long time and actually used to work for. Where possible I like to order local and keep it in the family so to speak.

Both myself and my customer are really happy with the print quality and the product as a whole, it's just that they are finding the cost a problem. Where possible I have to add a print management fee to cover meetings with the customer, doing the leg work with suppliers, submitting orders etc., but I will find myself having to forgo that unless I can find a cheaper large format supplier or cheaper technology to achieve the same result.

The spec and cost I have been ordering is as follows...

A0-sheet poster, printed full colour with UV inks on 200gsm Satin paper and Gloss Encapsulated.
Price: £43.00 Per Poster + Delivery @ £9.95 + VAT

These posters need to be fairly resistant, hence the UV inks and encapsulation as they are put into a non-watertight A-Frame on the roadside outside a hotel for 6-12months.

Does anyone know of a reliable print supplier (trade or otherwise) which specialises in large format printing or might be able to better what I am paying?

Any suggestions welcomed!

Kind regards, Emlyn :thumb:
My 'cheapest' supplier is about the same price...

Have you tried someone who prints directly on to the substrate? That may work out cheaper.
Thank you all for your useful replies.

I've got in touch with JamJar Print to enquire about their Water Resistant Poly Poster Matte Outdoor Posters and 3B Design & Print (mentioned your name Neil) to find out more about their Semi-Rigid Plastic Posters. I'll let you know if anything comes of it, in case anyone else is in the same boat.

Any other suggestions are welcome!

Kind regards, Emlyn :thumb:

I tend to post here about colour and try and be useful rather than tout for business - but what you're asking for isn't complicated. Give me a yell on 01702 232500. Using a synthetic, a polyester or polyprop, with or without a lam, you can make some money selling a great product onwards. By all means visit my site at Hudson Display Services Ltd | Hudson and/or facebook (/hudsondisplayservices) Have been making designers look good for 8 years now :) and am beginning to get the hang of it.

Hi there,

We do large format printing and sound like the exact people you're looking for. Email us on [email protected] or call us on 01480 434200.

If you've already found the company you're looking for, I do apologise.

Ryan - B&H Digital