Recommendations for an alternative to Magento Go


I have approached by a small cottage retail business to build an online shop for them. Given their scale I would normally offer a PayPal button, or use Magento Go. Does anyone have any good alternatives to the now redundant Magento Go? Costs need to low, product range is limited. I'm looking for a suitable option.
WooCommerce is probably ideal for this size of store as it's easy to setup (its a wordpress plugin) and manage. Magento Community is also free but possibly a bit overkill for a few products?..

Have you looked at shopify? It takes a % of sales but is pretty easy to work with.
What did you go for in the end?

I'd also go for Wordpress + WooCommerce for this.
It's ideal for smaller eCommerce sites, and for something that doesn't look like a traditional online shop.

Otherwise I'd normally recommend OpenCart - if you want a traditional online shop.
It's similar to Magento Community Edition which bigdave mentioned, but lighter weight and easier to use.
Hi Daniel,

The project fell out of bed (so to speak) but I was going to go with a simple Paypal option in the end. The were lots of products but all with the same price. So it seemed a much simpler option.

I will look into Opencart, it seems a day doesn't go by without new options being available, thanks for the tip.