Recommend product & canvas printers?


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Hi all,

We're looking to develop new options for some of our products and could do with some recommendations. We currently have some of our artwork available as giclée prints, but we're looking to be able to also offer them as phone cases (iPhone 4/4S & 5 initially) and tablet cases (iPad, iPad2, iPad Mini initially) and we need some recommendations for which company to use that could offer us these services.

Because we're a retailer ourselves, we'd ideally want to open a business account with this company. In a perfect world we'd also like to be able order product as-and-when we need it, rather than stock-piling en masse; even if this would mean paying a little extra per unit. Can anyone recommend a company that might be able to help? We're based in Hertfordshire, but if delivery rates/lead-times are good then we're happy to look further afield.

We'd also appreciate any help with regards to a similar arrangement for printing full-bleed onto raised canvas's at the following sizes:
5 x 5"
6 x 8"

Cheers guys!