Recommend books and online tutorials


Can anyone recommend any books or tutorials for logo design in Illustrator that lists techniques. I want something that has a very comprehensive and extensive list of tips and techniques. Adobe Illustrator Tutorials is quite good but I want more more more!!

I know in my head things I would like to do but because I'm new to all this I don't quite know how to do it. I would like the info to incorporate letterheads, business cards, comp slips etc

Thanks a mill to anyone who can point me in the right direction.
That is an excellent site! I like the fact it doesn't expect you to be fresh out of uni and that you can be like me and be 27 years old starting from scratch! Thanks
Hi Eagle

Which logo made it into the book?

I've been looking through members' portfolios for inspiration for a logo I'm currently doing and yours is great as are Dot Design, Pixels Ink and Truly Ace. :icon_thumbup:
Hi Eagle

Which logo made it into the book?




...and three others not featured in my portfolio. :)