Recommend A Cheap Printers


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After over 6 loyal years my printer has decided it has had enough (RIP HP Photosmart).
I do not often need to print these days, so it isn't really worth me investing in a new printer.
Can anyone recommend a cheap printers?

My local printers have given me this quote:

Colour prints on normal paper:

A3 - Quantity 1-10 = £2 per page | Quantity 11-50 = £1.50p per page
A4 - Quantity 1-10 = £1 per page | Quantity 11-50 = £0.75p per page

I have used these printers once before and their print quality is better than I need it to be as strange as that sounds. I am just wondering if anyone knows of any printers that are cheaper, to save me a few bucks. I am not looking for top poster quality prints, just standard colour prints will be fine. Obviously if I can get superb quality prints cheaper than the quote above, I wouldn't complain. :icon_smile:

Thank you.
I would have thought that those prices for small quantities are fine. I paid £1.56 at Staples (wanted to see how well a Xerox 232 machine performed) for one A3 - but I think he took pity on me! And you want it to be local.
Yeah I thought their prices were quite reasonable but I just wanted to check with you guys.

Thank you.